“Into Recycling: Scrap Tires”

What happens when a tire is no longer usable? Where does it go? Join the Into The Outdoors Adventure Team  as this delightful, smart, well-spoken group of teens investigates sustainable solutions for scrap tires.

The ITO Adventure Team travels to Michigan, Colorado and Minnesota to learn how scrap tire disposal is being managed.  In Minnesota we learn about Tire-Derived-Aggregate. It’s durable, lightweight, permeable, and can be used in a variety of engineering and construction applications.  It prevents frost heaving, solves sinking soil issues, and can even be used to help clean stormwater contaminants.

In Michigan and Colorado, we discover several other products made from scrap tires.Tires can be shredded into different sizes for use as landscaping, molded products, road surfacing and more. It can also be processed into Tire-Derived-Fuel with higher BTUs than coal.

An education network that empowers today’s youth and adults around them to think critically about our planet is part science lesson and part adventure. Recommended for anyone in the tire and rubber recycling industries, the tire and automotive industries and more, the video was made possible by The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, First State Tire Recycling, and the Michigan Department  Environment, Great Lakes and Energy with special help from Monte Niemi, Brian Gaboriau and Kirsten Clemons.  Congratulations!

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