Scrap Tire & Rubber Users Directory

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Scrap Tire & Rubber Users Directory – 29th Edition

The Scrap Tire & Rubber Users Directory is a comprehensive directory of companies serving the tire and rubber recycling industry. The Directory affords those new to the industry and veterans alike, access to an experienced independent source for marketing equipment and services, searching out buyers and sellers and linking with companies.


Updated annually, the Directory features an exclusive Market Price Survey that gives statistical market data and prices for crumb rubber, tire-derived fuel, and buffings and provides a range of tipping fees for whole tires. The Directory has a 50 state reference chart for scrap tire laws and regulations and is an excellent resource for information on progress in stockpile abatement.

Other Features

The Scrap Tire & Rubber Users Directory delivers a direct means of identifying scrap tire collectors and processors, rubber reprocessors, materials suppliers, rubberized asphalt providers, tire wire and fiber aggregators, recycled rubber product companies, equipment manufacturers, pyrolysis system developers, and devulcanization technology vendors in the U.S., Canada and more than thirty countries worldwide.


Alan Ross Machinery Corp.

American Tire Recycling Group LLC

Barclay Roto-Shred Inc.


CM Tire Shredders

Crumb Rubber Mfg. (CRM)

Eagle International

Eco Green Equipment LLC

Eldan Inc.

Emanuel Tire LLC

Flamex Inc.

Granutech-Saturn Systems Corp.

Jomar Machining & Fabricating

Lakin Tire East & West

Liberty Tire Recycling LLC

New River Tire Recycling LLC


Shred-Tech Ltd.

Unlimited Resources Corp.