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Scrap Tire News

Scrap Tire News has provided tire recycling professionals with the latest tire and rubber
recycling news and information since 1986. It was born of our commitment to provide timely
targeted news and information to the scrap tire and rubber recycling industry in a quality

Published monthly, the newsletter features compelling articles, equipment updates and product innovations that reflect our intimate knowledge of the scrap tire and rubber recycling industry.

Company profiles and industry news give our readers a competitive advantage in the multi-
faceted tire and rubber recycling industry. Every issue helps you stay current with industry news, technology developments, legislation, market trends and global commentary.
Scrap Tire News speaks the language of the industry and is recognized today as a respected
reliable independent publication covering all segments of the scrap tire and rubber recycling industry.

Recycling Research Institute

Recycling Research Institute (RRI) is a solution-driven environmental consulting firm
specializing in sustainable strategies for managing and recycling scrap tires, tire derived
materials and products.

Established in 1986 to develop and communicate information about economically and
environmentally sound scrap tire management and recycling, RRI is helping bring present-day
tire recycling solutions and strategies to the forefront.

Capabilities include legislative and regulatory reviews, market research and feasibility studies, recycled rubber product development, tire derived product training and education programs, scrap tire supply trends and analysis. RRI also consults and partners with other tire industry professionals and organizations specializing in tire project development, regulatory and market research analysis, strategic marketing and placement programs for recycled rubber products and technologies.

RRI is the founder and publisher of Scrap Tire News, a monthly newsletter covering responsible, environmentally sound scrap tire management, recovery, recycling and disposal. Recycling Research Institute founded and publishes the Scrap Tire & Rubber Users Directory–an internationally acclaimed business reference book for the scrap tire and rubber recycling industry. The Directory is now in its 29th edition.