January 2022
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  • Making Pyrolysis Happen
  • Texas Scrap Tire Report
  • NWR Has New Owner
  • Car Headliner
  • Murfitts Group Sold
  • BlackCycle rCB

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Regulatory Issues In Chemical Recycling Of End-Of-Life Tires By Claus Lamer

Chemical recycling of end-of-life tires (ELT) through pyrolysis is a recovery operation yielding recovered Carbon Black (rCB) and tire-  demonstrate to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) how the substances can be safely used and communicate the risks to the user. Chemical recyclers of end-of-life tires are considered both waste managers and manufacturers of new substances […]

Versatile Composite Boards

Shelby trailer LUG Boards are designed to keep  livestock standing while on the move, but that’s just part of the story. Used as flooring they reduce stress in all aspects of cattle handling equipment, chutes, and scales. From bridge decking, cattle chutes, boat dock bumpers, truck beds, and edging for gardens, there are many applications […]

Car Headliner Made From Recycled Materials

The polyurethane (PU) headliner’s substrate is manufactured with a Wet PU process that involves materials made from urban & post-consumer plastic waste and end of life tires. Italian car parts manufacturer Grupo Antolin, has developed the first of its kind headliner substrate produced by thermoforming a polyurethane (PU) foam with urban and post-consumer plastic waste […]

Ecolomondo Making Pyrolysis Happen

A consummate entrepreneur, Eliot Sorella is the first to tell you that he bought Ecolomondo as a business investment fifteen years ago. Sorella bought the building and plant from co-founders and inventors of the company’s proprietary Thermal Decomposition Process, Ricardo (Richard) Bouziane, (recently deceased) and Rodier Michaud. “I didn’t really know much about the technology […]

Ecore Manufacturing Facilities Achieve Zero Waste Validation from UL

Lancaster, PA-based Ecore recently partnered with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to complete a 2020 Zero Waste to Landfill audit for its Pennsylvania-based facilities in Lancaster and York. As a result, UL has officially validated the following claims for these Ecore production sites: The Lancaster, Pa., facility achieved a 99 percent Landfill Diversion rate , with 22 […]

Ecolomondo Nears Start-up Of Hawkesbury TDP Plant

Montreal, Canada-based Ecolomondo Corporation, a cleantech company specializing in the development of proprietary recycling technology, Thermal Decomposition Process (TDP), and the commercialization of turnkey TDP facilities, recently reported that it expects commercial operations that include end-of-life tire crumb rubber and carbon black processing will launch before year-end. As the facility nears completion, all major mechanical […]

Bolder Industries Partners With Liberty Tire Recycling For Feedstock Supply

Colorado-based Bolder Industries, Inc. converts end-of-life tires into sustainable carbon black, petrochemicals, steel, and power, which it sells to rubber, plastic, and petrochemical businesses. To meet its current contractual obligations for these sustainable raw materials, Bolder requires 60 million end-of-life tires annually for feedstock, which will gradually ramp up over the next 10 years. Last […]

Echo Rooftop Terrace Debuts in Miami

The Echo Rooftop Terrace and Garden – a new and first-of-its-kind rooftop system – has 93 percent recycled content derived from shredded recycled tire material and repurposed concrete waste material Billed as “a world unto itself” the Estates at Acqualina,  is a $1.8 billion dollar residential oceanfront complex featuring condo, apartment, single-family and penthouse residences […]

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Crumb rubber is a versatile tire derived material that adds value to molded rubber products, playgrounds and sport safety surfaces, composites, automotive parts, tires and asphalt modifications.

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