May 2020
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  • Michigan 2019 End User Report
  • Xtyre Seeks Global Partners
  • A Tire’s Second Act
  • Removing Tire Wire
  • Synthetic Turf Shock Pad

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Pentagon Picks perkEpave

Street improvement project will use recycled rubber porous pavement for reducing stormwater runoff A project underway in Pentagon City, Virginia will re-build Army Navy Drive within the existing right-of-way as a multimodal complete street featuring enhanced bicycle, transit, environmental and pedestrian facilities. The goal of the project is to improve the local connections between the […]

South African Xtyre Seeks Global Partners

In the U.S. and globally, tire recyclers agree that no matter what end product they produce, having markets for their tire derived material is their top priority and biggest challenge. Oscar Filen knows this well. Filen, CEO of South Africa-based Xtyre has been working with recycled rubber for the past 32 years. He’s grown his […]

A Tire’s Second Act Earns Applause

A worn tire is far from worn out Tire shops are typically busy in Spring, swapping out winter tires and replacing worn-out tires before the roads become slick with rain. When a customer leaves a worn tire behind at the shop, its usefulness has just begun. Millions of tires each year get shredded into pieces […]

Michelin and Enviro Systems Partner To Commercialize Pyrolysis Technology

Michelin is collaborating with Scandinavian Environ Systems (Enviro) to increase end-of-life tire recycling using Enviro’s pyrolysis process which converts scrap tires to new raw materials. Enviro has developed a processing method that modifies the chemical composition and physical properties of the tires during the pyrolysis process and extracts recovered carbon black, pyrolysis oil, steel or […]

Capturing Tire Wear Particles

London engineering students have developed a device to absorb airborne tire particles A group of engineering students at the Imperial College London, who call themselves the Tyre Collective, have created a prototype device which attaches to the side of a tire and catches tire wear particles. According to the students, the patent-pending device is fitted […]

Moving Ahead

Lockport, NY-based RubberForm is moving ahead in difficult times to meet the needs of communities throughout the country with recycled rubber safety products When it comes to the safety of parking lots and onsite traffic areas, businesses can’t afford to cut corners. True in normal everyday life, safety becomes paramount when unforeseen circumstances such as […]

Liberty Tire Recycling Acquires Lakin Tire

“This is big,” tire and rubber recyclers and others in the industry said in response to a March 16 press release announcing the merger of Liberty Tire Recycling and Lakin Tire. Combined, the two companies collect over 180 million tires per year and recycle approximately 2.6 billion pounds of rubber into innovative, sustainable products. Pittsburgh, […]

Ecolomondo Reports On Hawkesbury Construction

A turnkey Thermal Decomposition (TDP) plant, being built in Hawkesbury, Ontario, is progressing on time and on budget, facility developer and owner Ecolomondo Corporation said. Foundations and the steel structure of the building have been completed with work on the exterior walls now underway, Ecolomondo said in a March 9 press release. Equipment requiring a […]

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Crumb Rubber

Crumb rubber is a versatile tire derived material that adds value to molded rubber products, playgrounds and sport safety surfaces, composites, automotive parts, tires and asphalt modifications.

Tire Derived Fuel

Tire-derived fuel is the largest U.S. scrap tire market. Industrial facilities including cement kilns, pulp and paper mills and electric utilities use tdf as supplemental fuel.

Tire Derived Aggregate

Tire derived aggregate is used as a construction material in many civil engineering applications including lightweight fill, thermal insulation, vibration attenuation, septic system trenches and drainage layers.

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