Industry Spotlight – September 2020

2020 International Elastomer Conference

October 19th – 23rd, 2020

A New Virtual Experience

Rubber Division, ACS is dedicated to the advanced technologies of the rubber industry. Our International Elastomer Conference is the premier event where educators, customers, manufacturers and suppliers of materials, equipment, tools and services come together. The International Elastomer Conference will be a new and exciting virtual experience this year. We may not be meeting in Knoxville, TN as planned; however, our virtual IEC will continue to be an event where connections are made, knowledge is shared, new products, new technology and new ideas are introduced, business is conducted, developed and gained, fun is had, encouragement and empowerment happen, and the future is embraced.

Conference Components:

  • Company Showcase
  • 198th Technical Meeting
  • Educational Symposium
  • Women of Rubber Session
  • Keynote Address
  • Student Colloquium
  • Virtual 5K Walk/Run

Company Showcase

A wide variety of companies will be represented in the Company Showcase, such as equipment manufacturers, injection molders, extruders, custom mixers, processing equipment, hydraulic presses, vacuum molding, testing labs, testing equipment, distributors, suppliers and many more in the industry. All attendees can visit the Company Showcase to learn about the products and service these top companies in our industry offer.

198th Technical Meeting

Papers will be presented by experts in our industry ready to share their knowledge on
these topics:
Advances in Reinforcements for Elastomers – Progress in Elastomer Synthesis – Elastomers in Alternate Energy & New Mobility – New Commercial Developments – Elastomer Aging, Degradation & Flammability – Sustainability – Rubber Testing & Characterization – 3D Printing with Elastomers – Rubber Testing & Characterization – Rubber Compounding for Performance – Advances in Materials & Processes for Car & Truck Tires – Machine Learning for Material Development – Elastomers in Alternate Energy & New Mobility – Thermoplastic & Specialty Elastomers

Educational Symposium

The educational symposium features these courses:
Primers & Adhesives for Rubber-to-Substrate – Bonding: Selection, Preparation, Application and Molding – Soft Skills for Scientific Success – Rubber Explained – Essentials of Rubber Technology – Fillers: Non-black and Carbon Black – Vulcanization and Curing Chemistry – Hazardous Communication – Essentials of Silicone Rubber – Basic Rubber Compounding – Compounding Fluoroelastomers – Mixing and Testing for Compound Consistency – Setting Up a Rubber Molding Process – Basics of Specialty Elastomers

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