RubberForm Products Support Safety

Buffalo firm celebrates National Public Works Week and Construction Safety Week

“We are excited to celebrate the public works crews who work tirelessly everyday to make our local communities and cities safe,” RubberForm  President Bill Robbins, said.  “We recognize and appreciate those willing to go the extra mile to improve our surroundings.

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As part of Public Works Week, we wanted to recognize a special project in our own backyard that deserves a shout out to the dedicated crews in Buffalo who installed a temporary RubberForm Curb Bump Out.

We are proud to have been a part of the effort to make sure pedestrians and drivers remain safe during construction and road repairs.

Construction Safety Week is over, but we wanted to share one more RubberForm product that keeps employees safe and improves public safety in cities, Robbins said.

RubberForm Engineered Rubber Curbs provide a durable and effective solution to many cities looking to create mini roundabouts, delineators, chicanes, right of way reduction, and protection of pedestrians.

For installation the curb’s flexible design allows crews on the jobsite to handle the curbs with ease and custom fit any shape or size a project demands.

The product’s modular lightweight design allows installation to be done the same way every time, making it quick and easy to install, and preventing potential accidents and hazards to workers.

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