Michelin Hosts Sustainability Summit

Renewable and recycled tire driven for the first time in North America

As transportation  continues to progress, Michelin is taking action to operate responsibly and be good stewards of its resources. To illustrate that, the company held the first Michelin Sustainability Summit in March in Sonoma, California.

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“Throughout our 135-year history, we at Michelin have proven that we are never satisfied in our pursuit of sustainable innovation,” said Alexis Garcin, President and CEO of Michelin North America, Inc.

“The Sustainability Summit brought that commitment into the spotlight, allowing us to highlight our initiatives in a unique way. Our message remains the same – both when new and when worn – our products are made sustainably without compromise to high performance.”

Garcin and other Michelin executives spoke about the company’s efforts to address environmental challenges.

Michelin said with advancements in the rubber compound and the materials used in their construction, Michelin tires will be 40 percent recycled across the board by 2030.

Michelin provided the opportunity for those attending to drive on the Sonoma Raceway track in an array of electric vehicles equipped with Michelin’s EV-ready tires and a demonstrator tire made with 42 percent renewable and recycled material.

Michelin’s goal by 2030 is to reach 40 percent average renewable and recycled materials in all its tires.

“The 42 percent tire demonstrator shows our ability to reach that level in one tire today, surpassing that goal  with 42 percent.”  Michelin said in the event press release.

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