TIA and USTMA Establish Tire Recycling Foundation

New entity aims to drive sustainable solutions for end-of-life tires

The Tire Industry Association (TIA) and the U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association (USTMA) announced the formation of the Tire Recycling Foundation at the 2024 OTR Conference in Las Vegas last month.

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John Sheerin, Director of End-of-Life Tire Programs at USTMA, joined Dick Gust, CEO of TIA, on stage to introduce the collaborative initiative.

USTMA’s Sheerin emphasized the Foundation’s mission to expand sustainable and circular market solutions for scrap tires through research, development of innovative technologies, and enhanced collaboration across the tire value chain.

“TIA and USTMA have united to establish the Tire Recycling Foundation,” Sheerin said.

Formation of the Tire Recycling Foundation stems from extensive industry consultations, including a three-day listening session organized by the Tire Industry Project in 2021.


The Foundation’s Board of Directors, comprising representatives from tire manufacturers, distributors, retailers, collectors, recyclers, and tire-derived product producers, will convene for its inaugural meeting in March 2024.

Central to the Foundation’s goal is the ambition to achieve 100 percent recycling of end-of-life tires in sustainable markets. Through strategic partnerships, fundraising initiatives, and targeted interventions, the Foundation aims to catalyze the transition towards a profitable and self-sustaining tire recycling ecosystem.

The launch of the Tire Recycling Foundation marks a significant milestone in the tire industry’s journey towards sustainability and underscores TIA and USTMA’s unwavering commitment to driving positive impact.

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