REGUPOL Introduces New Commercial Flooring

New for 2024, upscale flooring line featuring recycled rubber tiles and planks

REGUPOL, a manufacturer known for its wide range of recycled rubber surfaces for sports and fitness and acoustic insulation, has launched REGUPOL upscale, a first- of-its-kind collection of recycled rubber tiles and planks for commercial installations.

Fornnax Technology

A blend of post-consumer tire rubber, post-industrial VOC binder, upscale is available in two standard sizes: 8 inch and 12 inch, as well as custom sizes.

This new line of flooring offers designers and architects an innovative alternative to terrazzo, ceramic tile, and luxury vinyl tile and planks.

REGUPOL upscale is available in 12 standard color combinations and features either a square or micro-bevel edge. Square-edged floors fit together flush, resulting in a smooth, sleek and seamless-looking transition. In contrast, the micro-bevel edge brings subtle texture and dimension to an interior space. A sealed finish can be applied at the factory or in the field, strengthening the tile’s defense against dirt and spills.

“The beauty of a well-designed space comes from the materials and textures that combine in a cohesive design. Designers can mix and match REGUPOL upscale tiles and planks to create an impactful space,” Bill Neifert, REGUPOL America director of commercial flooring, said.

upscale’s combination of design capability and performance benefits makes it uniquely suited for education, corporate, retail, hospitality, and health- care environments. From specialty flooring installations requiring anti-slip surfaces to general commercial spaces, upscale delivers comfort under foot, slip resistance, acoustic performance, and simpler maintenance regimens.

REGUPOL’s broad range of recycled rubber surfacing products also includes revolution commercial flooring, aktiv for sports and fitness applications and sonus for impact sound insulation and vibration isolation.

“Specifying revolution and now upscale contributes to a healthier environment,” Neifert said. “Each year, we reclaim millions of tires to make environmentally sound solutions for a wide range of industries. Recycling just four tires reduces CO2 emissions by 323 pounds, equivalent to the emissions from 18 gallons of gasoline.”

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