Pyrum’s Pyrolysis Oil On Its Way To BASF

Pyrolysis technology developer, Pyrum Innovations AG,  announced a new breakthrough with reactor 2 (TAD 2) of the new plant at its main site in Dillingen/Saar.  The third commissioning run of TAD 2,  produced 24,000 liters of pyrolysis oil.

Following the last test run, the pyrolysis oil was carefully tested to ensure that it met all the required specifications.

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The sampling of the oil was successful, sending the first delivery of oil from the plant to BASF. Around 60,000 liters of oil have already been produced at the new plant and further deliveries are expected in the near future.

“The result speaks for itself. After three weeks of continuous production, we have reached a new milestone with the first delivery of our pyrolysis oil from TAD 2 to BASF. We are very proud to have achieved this ahead of schedule, which is largely due to the dedication of our team. We are now in a successful phase of our roll-out plan and are now preparing for our new intermediate goals – the in-house generation of electricity from TAD 2 and the first test run of TAD 3,” Pascal Klein, CEO of Pyrum Innovations AG, said.

According to the company, Reactor 2 is currently in the thermal cleaning phase before being completely shut down for further testing. The next operational run is planned within the next two weeks as part of the start of self-generation of electricity from the pyrolysis gas in the turbines.

The lessons learned from the TAD 2 test runs are now being applied to the third reactor in Dillingen. Preparations for the first test run should be completed by the end of March, with the aim of rapidly ramping up this reactor to 80 percent of its nominal capacity. The new plant will triple the previous production capacity.

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