Performance Sports Flooring in North America

Regupol aktivplus premier is built to enhance performance, minimize impact sound, and provide comfort underfoot.

Pennsylvania-based sports and fitness surfaces manufacturer Regupol America recently launched Regupol aktivplus premier, a 3 ⁄ 4 ” thick high-performance sports floor in North American markets.

Eagle International

This latest generation of sports flooring is designed to meet the practical performance and safety needs of coaches and student-athletes regardless of the level of play while also meeting the needs of campus recreation facilities.

A solid, single layer of rubber, aktivplus premier is built to enhance athletic performance, minimize impact sound, and provide comfort underfoot. The durable surface can withstand years of repetitive movement and impact from heavy loads and high-impact activity, making it ideal for use in busy sports facilities and student rec centers with advanced weight training areas.

“Design requirements for sports performance are fundamentally different than commercial fitness centers.  Among many considerations, weight room flooring plays a critical role in ensuring the safety and performance of student athletes as well as protection of the building,” Matt Montano, Sales Director-Regupol sports division, said.

Regupol  aktivplus premier delivers both aesthetics, and balance of functionality and affordability in weight room flooring, Montano said.

Its flush inlaid platforms with Regupol crash drop zones, allow for Olympic platforms to sit perfectly in line with the rest of the floor, maximizing space for athletes, limiting tripping hazards, and making it much easier to clean.

Beyond athletic training centers, aktivplus premier 3/4″-thick rubber rolls are ideal in commercial gyms, CrossFit gyms, home garage gyms, or anywhere impact resistance matters.

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