Stylish Barriers

They’re made to be workhorses on construction sites, parking areas and in traffic safety applications but Pretred Rubber Barriers are also sustainability stylish.

Sustainable because Pretred barriers are made with 90 percent recycled tire rubber and 10 percent recycled plastic and other materials. Recycled tire rubber is used in both the core and the outer skin.

Mars Mineral

The barriers absorb and disperse energy making them a safer alternative to traditional barriers.

At the end of their useful life, Pretred barriers can be recycled into themselves or repurposed into new recycled rubber products.

With an array of colors from traditional black to pastels to rich teal, these barriers check the stylish box and together with Pretred’ s new customization wrap allow customers to promote their brand eco-friendly recycled rubber barriers.

A recent construction project in the Denver Tech Center (DTC) Pretred recycled rubber barriers showed their word to create safety barriers on an extremely dynamic site that demanded a versatile product.

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