Eco-Flex® Rubber Side Panels

Home and commercial building owners are choosing recycled rubber side panels from Alberta, Canada-based Eco-Flex to enhance the visual appeal of foundations, cottages, decks, or mobile homes.

These versatile panels easily attach to structures and can replace high maintenance wooden lattice, vinyl, and composite materials.

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Rubber siding panels are an attractive and decorative solution for Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) building applications.

Made from 100% recycled rubber, these panels offer an eco-friendly and visually appealing alternative to vinyl or traditional siding for ICF structures.

Rubber-Side panels by Eco-Flex are a popular choice for siding due to their durability and long-lasting performance.

These panels are resistant to freezing, flaking, rot, termites, and insects, making them reliable for siding. In addition, they are attractive and can enhance the appearance of any building they are installed on.

Each Rubber-Side panel measures 4 feet in length, 1 foot in height, and 1/2 inch in thickness. A single panel covers an area of 4 square feet and weighs 17.25 pounds.

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