True Circularity

Ecore’s new TRU Program ushering in a new era of responsibility

Pennsylvania-based Ecore International, a leader in upcycling rubber into high-performance surfaces for over 40 years, announces the launch of its groundbreaking TRU circularity program which aims to eliminate rubber waste by recycling and reimagining every end-of-life rubber floor Ushering in a new era of environmental responsibility, this innovative initiative helps Ecore customers achieve sustainable impact through circularity.

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TRU circularity enables Ecore customers to complete the circularity loop by not only installing upcycled rubber flooring but also recycling their end-of-life rubber flooring, through Ecore, to be turned into the next generation of performance surfacing.

To honor their commitment to protecting the environment, Ecore will present each partner with a Circularity Guarantee certificate specifying the amount of rubber flooring they diverted from landfills.

“As its name suggests, our mission with this program is true circularity,”  Art Dodge, CEO of Ecore, said. “Through this program, we work together with like-minded customers to embrace the remarkable and renewable properties of rubber, and to keep this magical material out of landfills by transforming it into high-performance surfaces that help people live healthier, safer and stronger lives.”

By partnering with organizations who share our vision, we can transform the way end of life rubber is managed and turn it into a resource with infinite use and value, Dodge said.

Ecore’s TRU circularity program follows a simple three-step process: request a quote to remove and reclaim existing rubber flooring. Ecore coordinates pickup and transportation of the old rubber to one of its U.S.-based facilities to be used in the production of new surfacing. New high-performance Ecore flooring is installed, completing the circularity loop.

Ecore’s dedication to reclaiming rubber materials has already yielded impressive environmental results, including the avoidance of over 3,300 tons of CO2 emissions, the creation of more than 1,500 unique performance products from reclaimed rubber and the diversion of over 300 million pounds of rubber from landfills annually.

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