Tire-Derived Aggregate Exhibits Water Cleaning Properties

Research shows significant promise for TDA in water treatment and environmental engineering

At the recent Traction Summit, in San Antonio, Texas tire derived aggregate (TDA) took center stage with the results of current research demonstrating TDA’s exceptional capabilities in removing contaminants from water sources, including phosphorus.

Monte Niemi, CEO of TDA Manufacturing, presented the research work and findings on behalf of Professor Emeritus John S. Gulliver from the University of Minnesota and St. Anthony Falls Laboratory on the water cleaning properties of tire-derived aggregate (TDA) in stormwater chambers. “The research has the potential to revolutionize water treatment methodologies, addressing significant environmental and sustainability challenges while providing a viable solution for water purification, “ Niemi said.

TDA is an eco-friendly product that harnesses the inherent properties of recycled tires to address environmental concerns associated with tire waste. In recent years, the accumulation of discarded tires has become a global issue, posing significant threats to ecosystems and human health. However, through innovative recycling processes, researchers have discovered an alternative use for these discarded tires by transforming them into tire-derived aggregate.

TDA functions as a filter medium due to its unique physical properties. The porous nature of the aggregate provides an extensive surface area for water to interact with, facilitating the removal of suspended solids, organic matter, heavy metals, and even certain pathogens. Moreover, the adsorptive properties of TDA allow for the retention of dissolved contaminants, enhancing its effectiveness as a water treatment solution.

Unlike conventional filtration media, TDA requires minimal energy input, reducing the carbon footprint associated with water treatment processes. Additionally, TDA is sourced from waste tires, mitigating the negative ecological impact caused by tire disposal.

The findings presented hold significant promise for the field of water treatment and environmental engineering. The exceptional water cleaning properties of TDA offer a range of potential applications, including wastewater treatment, stormwater management, and even natural waterway remediation.

In conclusion, the research presented at the conference showcased the remarkable water cleaning properties of tire-derived aggregate. Through its ability to effectively remove pollutants and contaminants from water sources, TDA offers a sustainable solution to the pressing challenges of tire waste management and water treatment. The findings have paved the way for further research and development, creating opportunities for a more sustainable and eco-conscious future in the field of water purification.

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