RubberForm Leads in Curbside Pickup

In April 2021, ASAP Event Services, an advertising company based in the United States, approached RubberForm to discuss the possibility of reselling their sign bases and posts. ASAP Event Services was primarily interested in RubberForm’s products for curbside pickup, specifically for BoJangles restaurant franchises, RubberForm President & CEO said.

Brittany Ulrich, the owner of ASAP Event Services, faced a significant challenge due to the ongoing pandemic and changes in how Americans eat, shop, and live their everyday lives. Her restaurant clients were experiencing increased demand for curbside pickup as a safety and convenience measure. As a result, she needed to find a reliable supplier of high-quality products that could help her meet the new curbside business needs of her clients.

Eco Green Equipment

After researching the market for portable sign base and posts that could be placed at curbside, Ulrich found the solution in RubberForm’s Sign Base & Post. “We looked at fillable bases but needed a permanent solution with a product that was durable, easy to install and maintain. The RubberForm bases had all those qualities,” Ulrich said.

“And when we learned they were made with recycled rubber, that solidified the deal, “she said.

The team at RubberForm understood the needs of ASAP Event Services and worked diligently to answer questions, address any concerns and provide them with the products that met their needs . The RubberForm team created samples of their curbside products and sent them to ASAP Event Services. “Having the samples and the technical backup from the RubberForm team were key to successfully satisfying the performance, safety and aesthetic requirements of BoJangles franchises,” Ulrich said.

RubberForm Sign Bases, made in the USA from 100 percent US-produced recycled rubber, can be deployed anywhere portable or semi-permanent signage is needed including parking lots, grocery stores, restaurants, plazas, construction sites, municipalities and more.

The conical sign bases feature a low center of gravity ensuring their ability to stay upright in severe weather yet are light enough to be tipped and rolled to another location. “Combined with our customizable recycled aluminum traffic signs, they make an excellent choice for eco-friendly companies,” Robbins said.

RubberForm Sign Base Systems for Curbside Pickup provide business owners with everything they need to effectively coordinate curbside service with safety and control. The clear visibility of the sign base systems allows customers to see exactly where to go to pick up, park or wait, upon arrival.

Following an initial order of 770 Sign Bases & Posts, ASAP Event Services doubled their purchases of RubberForm’s products. The quality of RubberForm’s Sign Base & Post exceeded the expectations of both Brittany Ulrich and her clients. This resulted in ASAP Event Services adding RubberForm’s Sign Bases and Posts to their entire client portfolio, including Popeyes.

The partnership between ASAP Event Services and RubberForm has continued to grow stronger over time. RubberForm’s commitment to providing high-quality products and excellent customer service has made them a trusted supplier for ASAP Event Services.

For Ulrich the addition of RubberForm’s curb side parking products to its product line, has helped ASAP Events become a one-stop source for event planning. “Seeing the custom signs with their company name and logo has helped build customer loyalty” Ulrich said.

For Robbins, the increased interest and demand for the Curbside Pickup bases and signs is one of the drivers behind RubberForm’s recent 55,000 sq. ft. plant expansion, renovations to its storage facility and the addition of extrusion and injection molding processing lines.

Together, RubberForm and ASAP Event Services have established a long-lasting relationship that benefits both companies and their respective clients and serves as an excellent example of how a successful business partnership can be formed through mutual trust and understanding.

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