Keeping Bus Lanes Clear

RubberForm has designed and developed a modular Bus Lane Curbing system to keep unauthorized vehicle traffic out of dedicated bus lanes, assist in the reduction of delays due to traffic congestion, and help raise the visibility of the high-quality transit service.

“It’s the only bus curb manufactured in the USA and made with Next-Gen Recycled Composite Material that combines recycled rubber and plastic for hard-wearing durability and low maintenance, “ RubberForm CEO Bill Robbins said.

The bus lane curbs are easy to install, remove, and relocate – for semi-permanent to permanent use and their flexible construction allows the curbs to conform to road curvature and any asphalt or concrete surface.

Bus lanes have the potential to significantly improve bus speeds, resulting in shorter run times, increased reliability, decreased schedule recovery times, and reduced operating costs.

They also benefit passengers through lower in-vehicle travel time, reduced waiting time at stops, and vehicle crowding.

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