Michigan Tire House Captures Airbnb Funding

In an international competition that drew entries for unique and inspirational house designs from around the world, Michigan’s Kimberly Sullivan will receive $100,000 to turn her tire house design into a guest-ready Airbnb by summer 2023.

Sullivan was one of 100 aspiring designers, architects, DIYers, and makers hailing from more than 20 countries/regions chosen to bring their crazy space ideas to life as part of the OMG! Fund. Airbnb launched the OMG! Fund in June, 2022 to finance 100  unique property ideas.

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Sullivan said inspiration for the Tire House grew out of finding 1,000 abandoned tires in the forest on her property.

“What do you do with 1,000 tires abandoned in the forest on your property? You use them to build a giant tire-shaped house!”  she said.

The hoop house they designed will be a two-level apartment with an outdoor patio on each level. The approximately 1,000 square foot interior will have two bedrooms, a bathroom and a utility room on the ground floor. A spiral staircase leads to the upper level which will have an open plan kitchen and living area. A heating and cooling system makes the house comfortable all year round. It can accommodate up to four guests per stay.

Plans for the project are still being finalized, but the couple have budgeted around $110,000 and hired an unnamed contractor to help them pour the concrete, build the frame, and install the plumbing and electrical work.

They plan to do a significant portion of the work themselves, including hauling the tires. tinkering the walls; and using fallen wood, old car parts, and broken glass from their property to build furniture, light fixtures, and floors.

They also plan to incorporate some of the tires into interior design elements like seating, shelving and mirrors, Sullivan said.

The inside tire walls will be sealed with stucco and on the outside, they’ll cover the tires with chicken wire and spray concrete over them to make them hard as bricks and seal the walls on both sides.

They said their design will give the illusion that the outside is made up of two giant hoops rather than 1,000 individual hoops. The exterior will have vines growing over the hoops and decorative grasses edging the decks, making it look like the structure was taken over by nature.

Editor’s Note: if you can’t wait for the tire loop Airbnb to open you can experience tire house living in Taos, NM at the Hobbit House, the first official Earthship tire house built in 1979 and now an Airbnb.

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