Bolder Industries and Liberty Tire Formalize ELT Supply Agreement

Tire recycling firms advance their sustainability goals in feedstock supply partnership

Bolder Industries, Inc. a Denver, Colorado headquartered circular solutions provider for end-of-life tires (ELTs) and Liberty Tire, the largest tire collector and recycler in the U.S. signed  a formal agreement last month outlining their North American partnership. The companies first announced a partnership in November 2021.

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The agreement secures feedstock for the Bolder Industries Terre Haute facility, currently in development, which will process over 3 million end-of-life tires per year once fully commissioned in 2023.

Additionally, the company projects the volume of tires processed at Terre Haute could rise to more than six million end-of-life tires in two to four years based on a growing demand for BolderBlack® and BolderOil™, two of the company’s flagship products.
Bolder Industries, founded in 2011, has developed and scaled a proprietary process that  converts end-of-life tires into BolderBlack™, a  sustainable carbon black, BolderOil™, a petrochemical product,  BolderSteel™, and power.

“We’re thrilled to formally partner with our friends at Liberty Tire who share in our vision and are right there with us, doing the hard work it takes to shift a massive supply chain toward long-term sustainability that will have positive ripple effects for decades to come,” Tony Wibbeler, Founder & CEO of Bolder Industries, said.

Cross-industry collaboration is critical to making the massive leaps needed to achieve Bolder’s vision of transforming manufacturing sustainability worldwide,he said.

For Liberty Tire, the partnership underscores the company’s commitment to provide a core infrastructure for end-of-life tires for its customers,  CEO Thomas Womble said.

“Ultimately, the environmental savings captured from this partnership will be realized by the customers of both organizations—allowing them to achieve their sustainability mandates and goals,” he said.

Liberty Tire and Bolder Industries have also come to a preliminary agreement on expanding their partnership to new states, which include Illinois, South Carolina, Maryland, and Tennessee.

The companies anticipate ongoing sales and partnership discussions with U.S. tire, rubber, and plastics manufacturers will inform the expansion of the Bolder and Liberty partnership.

“In terms of sustainability and environment stewardship, the partnership with Bolder is valuable and meaningful—allowing us to meet our ESG goals, strengthen our role as a major contributor to the circular economy, and extend these benefits  to Liberty customers and the communities we serve across North America,” Liberty VP Sustainability Amy Brackin, said.

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