Popularizing Porous Flexible Paving

Pennsylvania-based perkEpave is taking the benefits of recycled rubber porous surfaces to a growing number of public and private users

Porous Flexible Paving, developed in Europe in the 1990s, migrated to the USA in the early 2000s. Slow growth marked the early years as companies sought to develop the market and found that there were no standards for flexible porous paving and consumers—wary of a new product—wanted a consistent, reliable and approved product.

In 2014 the Department of Transportation in Washington DC incorporated porous flexible paving into its Green Infrastructure Standards, becoming one of the first municipalities to include the material on its permeable pavements list.

For Pottstown, Pennsylvania-based perkEpave. LLC , the DOT specification has been a big help in getting its porous flexible paving product in the DC area, company CEO and Founder Tom Carroll said.

In the historic Georgetown section of the District, over 4,000 sq. ft. of porous flexible walkways were installed near the Georgetown Day School campus to manage stormwater runoff. Elsewhere in the city, public works engineers chose perkEpave porous, flexible tree surrounds to improve drainage and repair tree-damaged sidewalks.

Flex Pave PavementThe recycled tire rubber in perkEpave creates flexibility, making the product perfect for a running and walking surface. The combination of  permeability and flexability is the solution to cracked and broken sidewalks, Carroll said.  Knowing this, the DOT in Washington, DC specifies porous flexible paving for sidewalks near and around trees as part of the Safe Walks to School program.

perkEpave’s porous flexible paving is mixed on site and is comprised of triple washed dry stone aggregate, and recycled passenger tire rubber held together with a urethane binder. Applications include trails, paths, sidewalks, tree surrounds, running tracks, trench drains, driveways, parking stalls, playground safety surfaces and more.

perkEpave LLC, established in 2017 is the manufacturer of a high quality Porous Flexible Paving. With improvements in tire processing and stone processing, binder tensile strength, precise mix ratios and finishing techniques, the company claims priorities in quality, customer service and competitive pricing.

Today, perkEpave has been installed in 15 states across the USA and the company is capable of shipping to anywhere within the continental United States.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), the nation’s largest philanthropy dedicated solely to health recently upgraded over 25,000 square feet of their walking paths at their corporate headquarters in Princeton, NJ.

“Installation was easy, finish aesthetically pleasing, permeability more than adequate and no cracking from freezing temperatures,”  John D’Allessio Director of Facilities, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, said. “Overall, we are very pleased with the material and installation, and are elated with the outcome,” he said.

perkEpave recycles one tire for every square foot installed. It is slip resistant, ADA compliant and extremely permeable. Over 4,000 gallons of rain fall will flow through one square foot in an hour. perkEpave is tested to have a 40 percent void capacity and supports over 22,000 pounds per square foot.

perkEpave was recently installed around Lake Como in Spring Lake, NJ. “The color blends perfectly with the surroundings,”  Bryan Dempsey, manager of Spring Lake Borough, said.  “The community is pleased with the flexibility; it is like being on a running track. More people need to learn about this product.”

perkEpave LLC offers 8 different color rubber choices and two types of stone. Colors can be mixed together to blend with the surroundings.

Tom Carroll said a strong area of growth for perkEpave is with governments and non-profits.  For example, the company actively participates in the PACOSTARS cooperative purchasing contracts which allow cities and non-government organizations to buy perkEpave products without going through the bidding process.

“There’s a learning curve and extensive product education to get porous flexible paving in front of these customers where they can see not only the performance benefits but how this surfacing can help provide safe, affordable porous flexible surfaces that promote a healthy active lifestyle in community improvement and economic development projects, as well as in neighborhood revitalizations,” he said.

“The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) is interested in having their members learn about Porous Flexible Paving”  Carroll said.  ASLA recently approved the company’s webinar presentation for the Landscape Architecture Continuing Education System . A certificate for one professional development hour is issued for all that attend.

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