Turning A Storage Room Into A Modern Home Gym

Recycled rubber tiles chosen for this DIY project

In a recently featured This Old House project, DIY expert Jenn Largesse found the only unused space available to create a work out/home gym area in her home was an unfinished storage room in the basement.

Mars Mineral

There were many challenges in the space which Largasse cleverly managed with mirrored closet doors, a laminate plank flooring framed wood wall and strategically placed LED lighting.

For the flooring, Largasse  reached out to Colton, CA-based US Rubber Recycling. They make a rubber floor tile that’s 94 percent recycled rubber that mainly comes from truck tires. US Rubber flooring products come in a ton of color combinations, and you can also pick the size of the color chip, create a custom color, and even choose the thickness, Largasse said.  This versatility, along with the safety and comfort of the tiles, were benefits Largasse was looking for.

She specifically chose their Eco-lock tile in all black for a sleek look, and because it comes with removable border edges meaning she wouldn’t have to cut the tabs off all the perimeter tiles, which will save a ton of time.

For the installation, Largasse calculated the space was 6 ½ tiles wide by 8 ½ tiles long, so she started at the corner of the room and worked her way out..

The tiles have tabs that nest tightly together, and Largasse found it easiest to bend in the corners of the tab and tuck them together. “I tried a rubber mallet, but the tuck method worked better for me,” she said.


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