Versatile Composite Boards

Shelby trailer LUG Boards are designed to keep  livestock standing while on the move, but that’s just part of the story. Used as flooring they reduce stress in all aspects of cattle handling equipment, chutes, and scales.

From bridge decking, cattle chutes, boat dock bumpers, truck beds, and edging for gardens, there are many applications for Shelby Trailer Flooring.

Tire Recycling Equipment

The rubber/plastic composite boards manufactured by Oklahoma- based Shelby Trailer Service, LLC are designed to replace wood and can be used anywhere wood boards are used. The boards do not rot, splinter, or crack, and, with proper installation, come with a 20 year warranty, the company said.

Shelby’s uses only two materials for the boards – recycled tire rubber and plastic. The company said it recycles about 1,500 discarded tires and 288,000 milk jugs containers everyday to produce the boards. During the year, Shelby consumes an estimated 312,000 tires and 59,904,000 milk jugs –all  sourced in the USA—to make the boards and other composite products.
No chemicals are added to the composite mixture and no waste is produced in manufacturing the boards, the company said.

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