Utah’s Red Butte Garden Selects Flexi®-Pave For Creekside Walk

The Six Bridges Trail (Creekside Walk) is designed to bring guests to the natural creek area in Utah’s Red Butte Garden, which is currently underserved.

Development of the Six Bridges Trail has been underway since 2015, Kevin Jensen, Red Butte Garden manager and landscape architect, said.

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The trail was determined by the natural topography of the area and went through a comprehensive permit process before final placement of the trail. Working with the University of Utah, Red Butte Garden officials conducted detailed research to select a surfacing product for the trail that would allow them to both expand and maintain the trail.

Flexi®-Pave pathwayThey were seeking an environmentally beneficial product that would eliminate problems caused by standing water and reduce costly maintenance common with other forms of paving and erosion control, Jensen said.

“We conducted extensive research to find a paving product to compliment and protect the riparian setting of the project. We selected natural building material as much as possible, including using Flexi®-Pave, a recycled, permeable surfacing product comprised of 50 percent stone aggregate and 50 percent recycled tire rubber for all at-grade surfaces,” Jensen said. “We were looking for a flexible pavement that was porous, incorporated recycled materials, was ADA compliant, withstood Utah’s freeze-thaw cycles, and met our expectations for aesthetics. Flexi®-Pave checked all of those boxes,” he said.

Atlantic Power and Infrastructure’s CEO, Kevin Bagnall said the installation now underway is one of the first Flexi®- Pave projects in Utah. “ With Flexi®-Pave’s proprietary ability to eliminate standing water problems and costly maintenance, the Red Butte Garden installation opens up more opportunities in Botanical Gardens internationally,“ he said.

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