Sip ‘N’ Snap-It Recycled Rubber Beverage Holder

Summer’s here and as people head outdoors, Boston, Massachusetts entrepreneur Carolyn Cicerone is offering the perfect accessory that lets you take your favorite beverage with you wherever you go. Manufactured by Cicerone’s C Dot Products Company, the recycled rubber tire beverage bottle holder firmly grips the top of your beverage bottle for transport and then easily and securely snaps onto your purse, backpack, luggage and so much more. You can also snap the arms of the holder together to utilize as a handle when wanting to just carry your beverage bottle.

Made of recycled tire rubber, the beverage holder is flexible and strong with high quality marine snaps and a three-prong under the lip design that together assures your beverage bottle stays attached. Compact, at 3 inches wide and 5 inches long, it easily stores in your pocket, glove compartment, business folder but also offers a printable surface that allows you to personalize and customize the beverage holder.

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Cicerone said she designed the beverage bottle holder to be multi-functional. “It’s a fun, practical and convenient way to keep your beverage with you,” she said. But it also lets you create and take your brand “on the go”. Use it to promote your company, make a new announcement or have it become a one-of-a-kind give-away at sponsored charity and sporting events, golf outings, health fairs, conferences and, birthday parties, to name a few, Cicerone said.

Sip ‘N’ Snap-It Recycled Rubber Beverage HolderThe recycled rubber beverage holders are available in three styles a Commercial Line, and two Consumer Lines: Charm It and Airbrush It.  Each line offers different print, color and accessory options, available from C Dot’s design center.

Cicerone said the size of the beverage bottle opening on the holder can also be customized to accommodate larger size bottle openings. Check it out!

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