Israeli Firm Develops Active Rubber

Headquarted in Petah Tikva, Israel, EcoTech Recycling is using a patented thermodynamic process to turn end of life tires (ELT) into Active Rubber, a non toxic synthetic material for new tires, auto parts and insulation.

EcoTech produces active rubber using a combination of mechanical shredding and granulation machines to produce clean rubber granules. The company’s patented technology freezes the rubber granules without liquid nitrogen, enabling the rubber to be milled into ultra-fine powders and efficiently separated from other impurities. These ultra-fine powders are introduced into a Banbury mixer where the mixing process within the Banbury, combined with EcoTech’s proprietary chemical formulation, enables the activation process that creates Active Rubber.

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EcoTech developed Ecoinsul, an inner wall and flooring insulation material that the company says is cost competitive, easy to install and sets a new standard in insulation products. Made from EcoTech’s active rubber base material, Ecoinsul provides non-toxic, low carbon end-to-end thermal insulation for consumers.

Active RubberEcoTech completed its testing and upscaling in early 2020 and has signed a partnership with Austrian synthetic rubber manufacturer,Sibur International. The EocTech process holds 21 patents around the world.

EcoTech officials said the partnership with Sibur has” already secured a lucrative contract in the Austrian market and Sibur may set up its own factories using EcoTech technology,”

EcoTech, which holds 21 patents worldwide, is currently in discussions with a large chemical manufacturer in Italy and has been asked to set up factories in the UAE.

The company’s technology is based on an idea of the father of its chairman and founder, mathematician Oleg Golobrodsky.

Working with experts from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, the EcoTech developed a chemical process that reactivates the polymers in the micron powder, enabling them to connect to other polymers and form a new material.

EcoTech is currently raising capital and converting its R&D site in Acre (Akko) into a factory to fill orders.

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