Equine Recycled Rubber Footing

Equestrian footing and horse arena surfacing are early and time-proven markets for recycled tire rubber that continue to benefit horse owners and riders

In the U.S. and internationally, recycled rubber is considered an excellent surface for equestrian applications, with companies in the U.S., Canada, Europe and throughout the world specializing in producing recycled rubber footing that meets industry safety and performance qualities.

Working with horse owners, large and small stable operations and professional arenas, these companies have refined, customized and elevated the use of clean metal-free shredded tire rubber to a top class product.

Premier Equestrian, Inc., Sandy, Utah makes its ProStride crumb rubber footing product from recycled tire rubber sized specifically for horse arenas. Textiles, fiber and crumb rubber are mixed with sand in the ProStride footing to resolve compaction, bind looseness, improve drainage and reduce dust, according to Premier Equestrian owner Heidi Zorn. Designed to mix with sand, ProStride’s rubber pieces help create voids in the surface and provide excellent shock absorption and energy rebound. Adding cushion and rebound to an arena surface helps keep horses healthy by minimizing bone and joint concussion and tendon strain, Zorn said.

A horse hoof fitted with ProStride Crumb Rubber FootingProStride crumb rubber footing is ideal for casual riding in any discipline and is high performing when an arena is used for turnouts and lunging, according to the company. Premier Equestrian will also create a custom blend of material for specific arena needs, discipline and traffic.

Equestrian rubber infill reduces impact on your horses legs, one of the early manufacturers of recycled rubber equestrian footing, Sparton Enterprises, Barberton, Ohio, said. Recycled rubber infill also reduces dust for the horse and the rider while increasing track use by repelling moisture faster than dirt arenas, the company said. Founded in 1969, Sparton today is a fully integrated rubber recycling company using quality materials, testing, and control processes in the manufacture of its recycled rubber products and raw materials.

Crossmore Tyre Recycling, Cork, Ireland specializes in designing and building horse arenas with recycled rubber equestrian footing and says its footing—a mix of fabrics, fine and crumb rubber has been successful in equine riding arenas with a high footfall and constant use. In addition to providing safety for horses and riders, the equine rubber surfacing is low maintenance requiring minimal raking and re-levelling. It minimizes hoof prints and rutting, is easy to lay and harrow and does not clog.

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