Dena Nano Technology

Dena Nano, a global nanotechnology company based in the UK uses nanoparticles of rubber and added polymers to produce a new material that can be used as a wood replacement in construction, furniture manufacturing and roofing.

Using patented technology developed by Dr. Brian Suliaman, crumb rubber is fed into a nano reactor where the rubber particles are reduced to rubber nanomolecules, blended with additives and fed to an extruder to create rubber sheets.

Controlling crumb rubber particle size and the thermoset through the Dena technology gives the rubber the ability to bond with the additives in the thermal matrix and the flexibility to alter the characteristics of the products, Dr. Suliaman said.

The surface finish and texture (e.g. rough, smooth, bubbled, etc.) of the product can also be controlled in the process . Products can be poured, extruded and injection molded with full and permanent color run- ning all the way through. Treating the products with color and additives allows them to be customized to customers’ preferences, Suliaman said. .

Illustration of various building materials produced with crumb rubberThe rubber and thermal material is stronger than composite materials, Dr. Suliaman said. It’s extremely tough, easy to clean and corrosion proof making it perfect for floors, trailers, tiles, wood replacement for indoor and outdoor uses.

The end product is durable and water, fire, insect, crack and UV-proof . The products are fully recy- clable, and once they have reached their useful life as a wood replacement material in a door, roof or floor, they can be 100 percent recycled through the Dena system.

Dena is currently setting up manufacturing at its plant in Barnsley, England and is actively seeking partners to market the product globally.

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