Rubber Shipping Cradles

Damage, loss and claims not only increase overall transportation costs, they can cause you to lose customers and your shipping partner.

Millennium Molding, Inc., a Fontana, CA-based contract manufacturer of plastic, rubber and composite parts, know this and addresses the problem with truck shipping cradles and storage saddles that absorb road shock and reduce vibration damage. Made from recycled rubber, the cradles are durable, yet softer and gentler on products. The cradles shape themselves to the unique dimensions of the product placed on them, giving additional support, the company said.

Tire Recycling Equipment

Products naturally go to the proper place on Millennium’s recycled rubber cradles, versus wood cradles, which you have to properly center when storing or securing product. The cradles grip pipes barrels and other large objects better because there is less slippage, Millennium said.

The combination of crumb rubber and a urethane binder imparts significant durability and toughness to molded products making them well-suited to outdoor applications and severe environments. A variety of products can be manufactured using Millennium’s crumb rubber/urethane composite, including rubber mulch mats, raised flower beds, landscaping curbs, erosion control retaining blocks and more.

Cradle BarrelTogether with its flexible manufacturing system and complete design and production capabilities the company can also mold products to customer specifications acting as a “partner” in bringing ideas to reality and offering customer protection through non-compete and exclusivity agreements, manufacturing joint ventures and cost reduction programs

Crumb rubber / urethane composite products contribute towards LEED rating points due to their significant post-consumer recycled content, and also meet or exceed regulatory requirements, such as ADA compliance, the company said.

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