Portable Cleaning Mat For Pets

PetPaws rubber matPet Paws is a high-tech sanitizing mat used to clean, disinfect, and dry the legs of pets as well as the soles of pet owners shoes. Designed and developed by the Mexico-based design consultancy firm NOS Design, the product’s design is a simple roll-up mat that is easy to carry and store. The NOS design team worked on elevating an existing prototype by adding improved functionality and simplifying it further – the redesigned version is now just a one-piece product, unlike the original one which had four parts. It has two areas on its surface – the first section of the mat has a multi-directional cleaning texture which bends and cleans inside the paws in a friendly manner, and the second section of the mat has a cushioned texture which helps to dry the paws as the pet walks over the microfiber sleeve.

Both parts have a texture that has been cleverly selected to maximize the efficiency of the process by making sure it can clean inside the paws without any discomfort or complex steps, The ridged cleaning part is made of recycled tire rubber so it ensures durability, according Yanko Design, an online international design publication. The set also includes a removable microfibre cover for the cushioned drying half of the mat.

The mat has a central indicator to fill up 500 ml of water for the cleaning process. The soft drying surface features suction dampers at different heights to make sure that all areas of the paws are covered. Once a pet’s claws have been cleaned, the pet owner can simply roll the mat over so the water will flow vertically to the front pocket where it can be stored till you dispose of it. Tilt the mat and the smart draining mechanism will take care of the rest. I bet this works for kids too, Yanko Design digital marketing director said.

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