Pentagon Picks perkEpave

Street improvement project will use recycled rubber porous pavement for reducing stormwater runoff

A project underway in Pentagon City, Virginia will re-build Army Navy Drive within the existing right-of-way as a multimodal complete street featuring enhanced bicycle, transit, environmental and pedestrian facilities. The goal of the project is to improve the local connections between the Pentagon and the commercial, residential and retail services in Pentagon City and Crystal City.

Fornnax Technology

perkEpave LLC, an extremely permeable flexible paving made with recycled tires is being used for the street and infrastructure improvement project in Pentagon City. The reconstruction will provide a physically separated two-way protected bicycle lane facility along the south side of Army Navy Drive making it safer for both pedestrians and vehicles. In addition to creating shorter and safer pedestrian crossings, the reconstructed area will accommodate future dedicated transit lanes. Motor vehicle travel lanes will be reduced in number where appropriate and will be narrowed to dimensions appropriate for a slower urban context.

Also, traffic signal equipment at the five project corridor signalized intersections will be replaced with all new equipment.

To enhance the area’s sense of place environment-friendly, “green street” features are being incorporated throughout the project. These street improvements will use enhanced landscaping, including raingarden and bioretention components, to make Hayes Street a more beautiful gathering place. The existing raised medians will be removed and re-built as a planted median and the new street design will incorporate best practices of environmental sustainability, including green landscaping treatments to reduce stormwater runoff and recharge groundwater.

The stormwater management program features perkEpave as the paving that filters the rainwater into the raingardens and bioretention areas. The approximate 5,000 sq. ft. of perkEpave allows more than 2,000 gallons of rainwater per square foot to pass through the paving in one hour.

perkEpave accomplishes this task by combining recycled tire chips, a stone aggregate and urethane binder; providing a durable, flexible, highly permeable paving that is crack resistant through freeze thaw. A environmentally friendly product; perkEpave was able to recycle almost 2,000 discarded tires into paving for this project.

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