Moving Ahead

Lockport, NY-based RubberForm is moving ahead in difficult times to meet the needs of communities throughout the country with recycled rubber safety products

When it comes to the safety of parking lots and onsite traffic areas, businesses can’t afford to cut corners.

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True in normal everyday life, safety becomes paramount when unforeseen circumstances such as Covid-19 change our lives and require emergency measures.

Ask Bill Robbins, President and CEO of RubberForm.

Recycled rubber safety products are at the forefront and being sought as governments at all levels and the medical community establish new mobile medical stations, parking lot test portals and other care facilities, Robbins said. And, traffic safety and management is a must as businesses in every community set up grab and go and drive-by pickup areas, he said.

“Our recycled rubber sign bases, rubber parking bumpers, speed bumps and portable bollards create safe, calm, affordable traffic management and control in and around these areas,“ Robbins said.

RubberForm speed bumps (pictured on the cover) control traffic and reduce vehicle speeds to under 10 mph. Made from 100 percent recycled masticated tire rubber, the portable rubber speed bumps are designed to stay in place without the use of spikes, lag bolts and/or adhesives. They can be installed as free-standing or permanent units.

The speed bumps are U.V. light resistant and can withstand extreme weather conditions and high traffic volumes. “Our products won’t chip, crack, crumble, corrode or rust”, Robbins said.

They can be strategically placed on streets and residential thoroughfares; in parking lots and parking garages; construction work zones; in and around street fair events or the new drive-by and grab and go pickup stations popping up in every community. Schools, universities, hospitals and airports use them to maintain safe driving speeds around their facilities.

RubberForm’s sign bases and bollard bases made from 100 percent U.S.-produced tire derived crumb rubber feature a unique aerodynamic design and are heavy enough to stay upright and yet light enough to be quickly and easily moved to another location to meet the demands of the challenging and changing situations we face today.

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