Kleenair and Bolder Industries Partner To Produce Bolder Black® rCB

Partnership launches next-gen manufacturing and product development for pyrolysis products

Bolder Industries announced recently their exclusive partnership agreement with Kleenair Industrial Products Co. saying Kleenair will be the first specialty manufacturer of pyrolysis equipment to produce consistent, on-spec, high-quality Bolder Black®, reusable syngas and multiple cuts of oil.

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Bolder Black® is the charter product for Colorado-based Bolder Industries and replaces petroleum-derived carbon black for use in creating sustainable plastic and rubber products globally. The IP for the technology is co-owned by Kleenair Industrial Products and Bolder Industries.

Kleenair built its first tire pyrolysis system in 1983 and has been commercial since with sophisticated clients in the aerospace and defense industries among others. This history along with the commercially-proven quality liability of Kleenair’s technology and equipment were key factors in choosing who to partner with, Tony Wibbeler, CEO Bolder Industries said.

Kleenair and Bolder Industries Partner To Produce Bolder Black® rCB

“This opens the doors wide open for advanced new product development and category innovation. Having a partner like Kleenair, who has experience solving problems and delivering applications across industries, means we now have design, technology manufacturing, product development, end product manufacture, and sales all under one roof. The collective intelligence will help us move the entire sustainable rubber and plastics industry forward. Partnering with our customers and the industry in unique ways serves our vision to reduce GHG’s, water and energy consumption and create local jobs,” Wibbeler said.

Each Kleenair x Bolder Industries proprietary pyrolysis system can process 1.5 tons of scrap rubber per hour and convert it into Bolder Black® and multiple cuts of clean oil with greater than 85 percent uptime achieving greater than 95 percent on-spec product based on the current equipment. As Bolder Industries continues to ramp up production and looks to open new plants, partnering with an industrial manufacturing partner that could match our scale and precision was essential, Wibbeler said.

Steve Gee, President and owner of Kleenair said the company had its eye on Bolder Industries since 2012 and was waiting to see if they would be the ones to crack the code. In 2017, it became clear that Bolder Industries’ progress, plant, business model, successful applications, and the team were ready. “Fast forward to today, our engineering and technology teams were blown away by how ready the Bolder Industries team was — train one is already commissioned and sold,” he said.

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