Ecore’s Cosmos Rx Among Top 101 Products in 2019

The products featured in Building Design Construction’s annual 101 Top Products report are reader selected. These are the products that consumers ask about and want to know more about, report developers said.

Cosmos Rx, the newest flooring product in the Ecore International Commercial Rx Collection, was among the top picks. Cosmos Rx is sound absorbent and ergonomic and uses Ecore’s itstru technology. This technology makes the space it is installed in quieter than traditional commercial flooring options, according to the Ecore.

Tire Recycling Equipment

The product features 5mm of Ecore’s vulcanized composition rubber backing fusion-bonded to a modern heterogeneous vinyl sheet. The flooring is also hygienic as a result of its heat-welded installation, which leaves no pores or crevices to collect dirt or mold, the company said.

ECore product

Lancaster, PA- based Ecore International manufactures flooring products using reclaimed materials including high quality recycled tire rubber in performance surfaces that incorporate ergonomic, safety and acoustical benefits.

Ecore CEO Art Dodge recently spoke about the company’s new product developments and innovative use of recycled materials at the Scrap Tire Recycling Conference in Greenville, South Carolina.

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