CourtEdge™ Reducer Ramps

Replacing an athletic floor often creates a transition problem when the new floor rises 1/2 inch or more above the existing floor substrate

California-based, SafePath Products solves the transition problem with recycled rubber transition ramps designed and engineered to meet specifications for safety and ADA compliance. The company makes recycled rubber CourtEdge™ reducer ramps ranging from ½” to 2-1/2″ as a single part. They can also design for greater heights that come in two-part models, SafePath President Tim Vander Heiden said.

CM Shredders

The reducers provide a safe and easy transition from the playing surface to the original floor reducing injury to athletes and spectators with slip resistant ADA-compliant and non-compliant ramps. Installation can be completed in minutes using a high-grade silicone adhesive, Vander Heiden said.

Court Edge Product

CourtEdge™ Reducers are designed to be affixed to the vertical sides of hydroscopic flooring systems allowing for expansion and contraction of substrate flooring material. The ramp products are available in standard sizes that are fixed lengths and widths. The parts are made with tire-derived crumb rubber mixed with a binder and compression molded with thousands of pounds of pressure providing an extremely durable part with no load weight limitations. The Reducers are available in multiple sizes, dimensions and patterns.

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