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Recycled Rubber and Plastics Products Technology Conference in Mobile, Alabama September 11-12, 2019

Recycled Rubber and Plastic Products Technology Conference
The University of Alabama’s Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering is proud to announce the 6th International Recycled Rubber and Plastics Products Technology Conference in Mobile, Alabama September 11-12, 2019 to be held at the Gulf Quest National Maritime Museum of the Gulf of Mexico. Supported by leading academia, businesses, exhibitors, and sponsors involved in the scrap tire and plastic recycling and products industries, this conference will address a wide variety of technology advancements, economic strategies, and opportunities in the field of rubber and plastics recycling. The Conference will focus on several activities in the promotion of sustainable technologies such as:

  • The use of rubber and plastic in asphalt,
  • QC/QA issues in producing ground rubber and plastic,
  • Engineering properties of recycled rubber and plastic,
  • Equipment considerations in recycling of rubber and plastic,
  • Sustainability considerations,
  • Production of marketable products from recycled rubber and plastic,
  • Case studies and examples of businesses and products in this area, and
  • Health/environmental considerations with recycled rubber and plastic materials.

Many experts from academia, industry, and government from around the world will participate in presenting their research and business activities relating to the recycling of rubber and plastic materials as well as recycled rubber and plastics products. In addition, there will be several exhibitors showcasing their products during the conference as well as a networking reception where participants and exhibitors can interact and learn from one another’s experiences. There will also be time to enjoy beauty of the Gulf Coast and the 90 interactive exhibits at the Gulf Quest Museum. We look forward to seeing you in Mobile, Alabama.

For more information please visit: www.RecycledRubberAndPlasticProducts.org

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