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Granutech-Saturn Systems celebrates Golden Anniversary

Tire Recycling Systems

50-YEARS delivering most diversified tire recycling solutions offering new roads to revenue for tire recycling operations

*** Learn more at ISRI 2019 Los Angeles – April 6-11- Booth #1411***

Granutech-Saturn Systems has been a world-leading turnkey developer of tire recycling systems, offering single machine solutions to 4-stage systems for the last 50 years. Comprising a broadly diversified offering, Granutech-Saturn Systems offers dual and quad-shaft shredders, medium to high capacity grinders and granulators, powderizers, and advanced twin-drive refiner mills.

From single machines to complete systems, Granutech-Saturn brings you:

  • Most diversified, best-in-class tire recycling technology platforms from shredders to refiner mills
  • Highest capacity systems (up to 200 tons/day tires processing throughput) with flexibility to process multiple tire types (OTR, mining, truck, auto, farm, and more)
  • Continuous Innovation – including shredders, powderizers ,twin drive refiner mills and our Saturn Grizzly Super 80 Grinder
  • Modular designs to allow expansion of business as market demands grow
  • Extremely durable – highly reliable – high duty-cycle machines
  • Currently installed in some of the world’s leading tire recycling yards

Our systems deliver unmatched clean material for new roads to revenue!

  • Exceptionally clean crumb rubber even from auto tires (important as other suppliers request truck tire feed to make clean crumb as it has less fiber)
  • Smallest, finest, cleanest powder from an ambient grind system, 30 mesh, 40 mesh, 60 mesh, and smaller!
  • Highly automated controls for maximum machinery performance and monitoring
  • Tight crumb rubber blend technology to meet stringent client requirements

Find out why, we are known as “Your Tire Recycling Systems Experts”.
For more details, please contact Granutech-Saturn Systems: 877-582-7800 or visit us online at www.granutech.com

Visit our Tire Recycling Page for a “walk through” video animation of a complete 4-stage system recycling plant end-to-end system!

VIDEO LINK: tirerecyclingexperts.com

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