ASTM Recovered Carbon Black Group To Meet

ASTM Committee D36, Recovered Carbon Black (rCB) is holding a full committee meeting June 28 in San Diego, CA.

In preparation for the meeting, a task group within the subcommittee on environmental safety and sustainability (D36.40) formed earlier this year to explore areas of standardization for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in tires. The task force met in conjunction withEuropean Tyre Recycling Association Conference in Brussels, Belgium, on March 14, to discuss standards for PAHs in tires and other agenda items for the San Diego meeting.

D36 first met in Brussels in March 2017, with the stated purpose of creating industry standards for recovered carbon black produced by tire pyrolysis.

Another subcommittee (D36.10) recently approved a list of 22 existing standards that are already being used in the carbon black industry. The group will now recognize these standards as acceptable for use in the rCB industry until rCB statistical data is available that may suggest otherwise.

These include standards for ash and sulfur content, heating loss, sieve residue, pellet size distribution, pour density, mass strength and dispersion in rubber, as well as specific test methods for carbon black in natural rubber and SBR.

In addition, the subcommittee on co-products (D36.20) is soliciting laboratories to participate in a round robin study on rubber-derived liquids. In this study, several existing test methods will be used to verify their reliability for those liquids.

Also, thirteen proposed terms from the subcommittee on nomenclature (D36.30) could be approved and published by the committee by late summer.

The full D36 meeting in San Diego will include subcommittees and consider all topics relevant to rCB, including silica, carbon dioxide measurements, zinc, sulfur and biofuels, according to ASTM.

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