CalRecycle Grants Fund TDA Projects

The California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) has awarded $410,364 in grants for civil engineering projects in four counties that will use recycled California waste tires in place of conventional construction materials.

Sacramento County, CA will use 3,960 tons of tire derived aggregate (TDA) to construct roadways and trenches at the county-operated Kiefer Landfill funded by a $77, 220 grant. In Santa Barbara County, 935 tons of tire derived aggregate will go into repairing a retaining wall along the Ortega Ridge roadway in Summerland, CA. The county received $158,241 from the TDA Grant Program for the wall repairs. Tuolumne County will use its $120,082 grant for a landslide repair project on Italian Bar and Buchanan roads. For Riverside County, a $54,821 grant will help pay for 2,735 tons of tire-derived aggregate to be used in constructing trenches at 32 sites within the Bedlands Landfill in Moreno Valley and Lamb Canyon Landfill in Beaumont.

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“The use of TDA in these civil engineering projects is a win for California’s environment and its economy,” CalRecycle Director Scott Smithline said. “Rather than landfill these tires or create stockpiles that can lead to fires and other public health threats, California is making use of a recycled material that has proven to perform well for these types of projects.”

Tire-derived aggregate is a low-cost, lightweight, and fast-draining product highly suitable for use in numerous civil engineering applications as well as beneficial uses at landfills, CalRecycle said.

CalRecycle encourages the use of TDA in California through several programs. Through its Technical Assistance program, CalRecycle provides engineering and technical assistance to local jurisdictions for education, design, and construction oversight on TDA projects in California. CalRecycle’s Green Roads website promotes waste tires as a valuable resource and environmentally sound solution to solve engineering problems.

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