Michigan Bill Clarifies Scrap Tire Requirements

Michigan SB 1850 (S-1), a legislative “fix it” bill to exempt the scrap tire industry from duplicative record keeping requirements, was adopted and voted out of the Michigan Senate Regulatory Reform Committee unanimously on October 19. It was amended on the Senate floor and passed by the Senate unanimously on Oct. 20. It will be assigned to a House Committee when the House returns on November 9.

According to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), the amendments were all minor changes that DEQ agreed to in conjunction with industry input.

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The SB 1050 (S-1) “fix it” bill was initiated to amend Michigan 1986 PA 119 introduced earlier this year to “regulate the business of buying or receiving used motor vehicle parts”. As originally proposed, the intent of PA 119 was to prevent the resale of stolen “valuable “ car parts by creating certain record-keeping and tracking requirements. However, under the original language in PA 119, those same record keeping requirements would have “unintentionally” impacted Michigan’s scrap tire industry including scrap tire end users, haulers and processors as well as disposal areas (landfill) and solid waste haulers that accepted scrap tires.

The amended bill, SB 1050 (S-1), specifically exempts Michigan’s scrap tire end users, haulers and processors as well as disposal areas and waste haulers from the record keeping requirements of PA 119.

The Michigan DEQ worked with legislators and members of the Scrap Tire Advisory Committee, a stakeholder group established under DEQ’s Waste Tire Management Program, in developing the SB 1050 (S-1) amendment.

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