Arkansas Makes Changes To Waste Tire Law

The Arkansas Legislature passed Act 840 during the 2015 legislative session that exempts the beneficial use requirement for tires. Waste Tires are now considered a commodity under the Act which goes into effect July 2015.

The new measure also limits the number of applications a grantee would need to file with the State. Previously the grantee had to renew their application every two years. Under the new rules, they would never need to re-file. Other provisions in the Act are designed to ensure that all funds awarded under the waste tire program are distributed promptly to the solid waste management district.

CM Shredders

Arkansans produce about three million waste tires every year. The Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality ADEQ oversees efforts to properly handle and dispose of waste tires, preferably through recycling. The program is funded through fees placed on the purchase of new tires. Funding goes to waste tire management districts.

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